Solo - Bass Clarinet
This project came out of Ruths research for her masters. It uses ideas taken from non-western improvisation that have been translated on to her clarinet and bass clarinet.
This ensemble was form in 2011 by the composer Oscar van Dillen.
Dark/Light ensemble
This enseble is led by Barbak Kamgar. It's an 'East meets west' ensemble combining a group of young professional instrumentalists.
N.L - New Language ensemble
This is ensemble was created in 2010 by Henri Bok and consists of only bass clarinet. It explores and experiments with all the different possibilities of the bass clarinet.
West and East - Clarinet and tabla
This duo was formed in 2009 and began with playing traditional Hindustani music however over the past year the duo has developed its sounds and now takes influence from Hindustani music to create its own compositions which explores tala and raga.
Choro De Maas

A large ensemble or flute, clarinet, trombone, Cavaquinho, guitar, 7-string guitar and percussion playing tradition Brazilian Choro.

The Back Beat Collective –
The Backbeat collective gives a unique sparkle to the retro sound and combines original American R n' B, Caribbean, Ska and classic rock n' Roll. With this and the skilled musicians who have roots in the Jazz, blues and ska scene nothing can go wrong.
The Happy notes Society –
The Happy Notes Society is a Dutch band playing South African swing and jive music. They take their inpriation from the big band dance music that emerged from the townships in the late 50s and 60s. The sound created is a unique blend of American jazz, Zulu rhythms and gosel harmonies, born amidst opression and poverty, but with an incredibly uplifting and impossible to sit down to.








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