As well as a performer Ruth Anne is also a composer and has create a unique style a composing through study of Hindustani music and Western jazz and
contemporary music. Over the past 5 years she has been given many opportunities to composers for different ensembles and commissions from other Art forms.All Ruth Anne’s compositions can be re-arranged for other ensembles or if you wish to contact her about commissions please get in touch.

Study 1: Bhairavi  
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This study is from a set of studies written for bass clarinet. These studies explore melodic and rhythmic ideas from Hindustani music.  

Thistlethwaite Shuffle  
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This piece was written in 2006 for the ensemble Swinepipe.  

Jogging for Jog  
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Jogging for Jog was written in 2010 for the Americian School in Den Haag. It uses the raga Jog and uses the form of a traditional Hindustani compositions. This piece has also been arranged for a number of other ensembles.  

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